Software Engineer (San Diego, CA)

Job description

A Software Engineer is sought by a company providing custom Deep Learning software for image and video analytics in San Diego, CA to perform the following duties:

  • Design neural network structure optimized for mobile and edge hardware;
  • Development and design face recognition platform including model training for face detection, alignment, and feature extraction;
  • Implementing novel deep neural network architectures and learning techniques to solve a variety of computer vision tasks and push the state of the art in performance;
  • Build and maintain the infrastructure for training and deploying models, including massive data pipelines, experiment management platform, visualization tools etc.;
  • Integration of model components with the product stack;
  • Complete ownership of data assets and annotation efforts;
  • Research and develop state of art model compression techniques including model distillation, pruning, quantization, model binarization, and others for CNN, RNN, LSTM models;
  • Implementing novel deep neural network architectures and develop advanced training algorithm to support model structure training, auto pruning and low-bit quantization;
  • Apply and optimize model compression technique to variety of models in computer vision applications, audio applications, and others;
  • Research and optimize model compression technique for CNN accelerator and jointly optimize hardware architecture for compressed model; and
- Develop a deep learning compiler stack that interfaces frameworks such as Tensorflow, Caffe2, Keras etc. and converts neural nets (CNN/RNN) into internal representations suitable for optimizations


·Must have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science;

·Proficiency in C, C++/STL, Python, MATLAB, Java programming;

·Strong understanding of computer algorithms, data structures, and numerical simulation;

·Familiarity with software development process; and

·Strong communication and problem-solving skills.




If interest, please send your resume to Kneron, Inc. at 10052 Mesa Ridge Ct., Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92121, Attn: Alex Liao.