Software Research Engineer (San Diego, CA)

Job description

A Software Research Engineer is sought by a company providing custom Deep Learning software for image and video analytics in San Diego, CA to perform the following duties:

  • Explore new methods for improving the company’s software architecture and investigate new methods for improving software data training and machine learning framework;
  • Examine data collected from studies on object detection and activities in videos and images and exFiaplore new approaches/methods to increase the efficiency of data, images and video labeling;
  • Examine current state-of-the-art AI systems and investigate new approaches and methods for increasing the speed of the company’s software solutions for the detection and recognition of human bodies, faces, facial expressions, and objects;
  • Perform detailed search of literature to determine current state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) and research possible methods of compressing the NLP model size to fit the compressed model in source-limited or power-limited internet of things (IoT) platforms; 
  • Collaborate with engineers prior to conducting research related to new software system solutions.
  • Investigate the quality of data base elements/data editing and research new validation methods and procedures; 
  • Investigate systems and software issues affecting company’s research efforts and investigate possible solutions;
  • Examine current literature related to state-of-the-art AI algorithms, performance benchmarks, and open-sourced data base;
  • Examine current research database and explore new ways to modify, test, verify, and analyze category and pre-processing of image data labeling; 
  • Prepare research manuscripts and presentations based on Kneron’s cutting edge research discoveries;
  • Examine current performance measures and investigate new, more effective methods to evaluate energy efficiency, and time and space complexity of algorithms;
  • Design and conduct tests to troubleshoot and validate software for performance, reliability, and robustness;
  • Develop data from tests to suggest ways to enhance existing prototypes for efficiency, portability, reliability, and performance speeds;
  • Assess the Company’s software products to address the needs of the company’s target markets and collaborate with colleagues to adjust or enhance current approaches;
  • Design key performance testing models and procedures to measure the efficiency and accuracy of new and existing software;
  • Identify areas for improvement in existing software and potential opportunities for growth in current and untapped industries and sectors;
  • Investigate the needs of customers, users, and business development professionals to determine their computing and system requirements prior to conducting relevant research; 
  • Investigate the needs of project managers, and software and hardware engineers, to assess project plans and feasibility issues prior to conducting research;
  • Keep up-to-date on current technology, the latest industry trends, and developments in AI and deep learning technology, including their applications; 
  • Provide technical guidance to engineering designers and other technical support personnel as necessary.


·Must have a master’s degree in computer engineering;

·Strong computer programming skills; 

·Excellent analytical, mathematical, and creative problem-solving skills;

·Excellent writing and oral communication skills; and

·Sophisticated knowledge of the practical application of engineering science and technology.




If interest, please send your resume to Kneron, Inc. at 10052 Mesa Ridge Ct., Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92121.