Senior Audio Signal Processing Engineer

Job description

  1. Research and develop advanced audio signal processing algorithms including noise cancellation, localization, acoustic detection, acoustic fingerprinting. 
  2. Research and develop advanced audio applications including speech recognition, voice recognition, voice wakeup using state of art deep learning algorithms. 
  3. Analyze and optimize audio signal processing and deep learning algorithms on mobile/embedded devices, e.g., using hardware acceleration such as GPU/DSP. 


  1. M.S. in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Electrical Engineering, Robotics or similar field (Ph.D. is preferred). 
  2. Solid understanding on audio signal processing. Familiar with AEC, BSS, DOA and other audio related algorithms. 
  3. Industry experience on audio signal processing product deployed on ASIC/DSP/GPU. 
  4. Strong experience in C/C++ programing is a must. 
  5. Solid understanding and experience of applying deep learning to real problems in the fields of voice recognition, speech recognition, and other audio related applications. 
  6. Hands-on experience in deep learning frameworks, e.g., OpenCV, TensorflowKerasPytorch, and Caffe. 
  7. Ability to quickly adapt to new situations, learn new technologies, and collaborate and communicate effectively. 
  8. Experience with parallel computing, GPU/CUDA, DSP, and OpenCL programming is a plus.


10052 Mesa Ridge Court, Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92121


If interested, please send your resume to: