Software Test Engineer

Job description

  1. Lead development, design and execution of software tests at the Platform Level (Linux OS, Robot Sensors, Robot OS);
  2. creating architectures from design and implementation through testing and deployment AI software;
  3. participating in cross functional teams focused on new product development in embedded software systems for the Computer Vision AI market;
  4. Apply engineering principles/concepts to solve problems and make modifications as necessary;
  5. Align software test activities to meet Product Development Process schedules using best practices and tools;
  6. Develop software that meets the requirements, performs unit tests, and integrates software with AI software system;
  7. Design and conduct tests to troubleshoot and validate products for performance, reliability, and robustness;
  8. Design key performance testing models and procedures to measure the efficiency and accuracy of products;
  9. Develop software designs to improve deep learning applications of various smart and internet connected devices;
  10. Test and verify software and support peripherals to ensure that they meet specifications and requirements, by recording and analyzing test data;
  11. Write detailed functional specifications that document the software development process and support software introduction.


  1. Master’s degree inComputer Scienceor ElectricalEngineering;
  2. One year’s experience as a software engineer;
  3. Proficiency in C, C++/STL, Python, MATLAB, Java programming;
  4. Strong understanding of computer algorithms, data structures, and numerical simulation;
  5. Familiarity with software development process;
  6. Strong communication and problem-solving skills.


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