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Visual recognition software

Kneron's visual recognition solutions can recognize human faces, bodies, gesture, objects, and scenes. Because the software adopts exclusive Reconfigurable Artificial Neural Network (RANN) technology, it can simplify the complex neural network to satisfy the demands of lightweight and low power design.

Face recognition

  • Face detection: detect and track individuals in real time with high accuracy.
  • Face recognition: quickly and accurately recognize individuals using minimal training data on device.
  • Liveness detection: determine whether the faces are real or photos.

Body & gesture recognition

  • Body recognition: recognize human bodies and the posture.
  • Gesture recognition: detect and recognize hand gestures.
  • People counting: count the number of people, position and distance.

Object & scene recognition

  • Object recognition: detect a wide range of objects on device in real time.
  • Scene recognition: interpret an image and write a sentence to describe the scene.
  • License plate recognition and lane detection: recognize license plates, and detect lane lines to assist driving safety.