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Visual recognition software

Kneron's visual recognition solutions can recognize human faces, bodies, gesture, objects, and scenes on-device. Kneron's proprietary Reconfigurable Artificial Neural Network (RANN) technology can optomize complex neural network computations to deliver a lightweight and power efficient edge AI solution.

Face recognition

  • Face detection: detect and track individuals in real time with high accuracy.
  • Face recognition: quickly and accurately recognize individuals using minimal training data on device.
  • Liveness detection: determine whether the faces are real or photos.

Body & gesture recognition

  • Body recognition: recognize human bodies and the posture.
  • Gesture recognition: detect and recognize hand gestures.
  • People counting: count the number of people, position and distance.

Object & scene recognition

  • Object recognition: detect a wide range of objects on device in real time.
  • Scene recognition: interpret an image and write a sentence to describe the scene.
  • License plate recognition and lane detection: recognize license plates, and detect lane lines to assist driving safety.