Edge AI

Kneron offers innovative edge AI solutions by moving part of the AI computing from the cloud to edge devices, which differentiates itself from traditional cloud-based AI solution providers. Kneron's edge AI solutions are able to do real-time recognition, inference, and analysis. Thus, the solutions are faster, more reliable and more secure, while significantly reduce cost and the cloud burden.

Exclusive reconfigurability

Kneron's Reconfigurable Artificial Neural Network (RANN) technology can reconfigure the architecture according to different applications to reduce the complexity of computing. In comparison with the function of a human's brain, only specific blocks are used to deal with the information rather than using the whole brain. This process makes the operation more efficient and reduces the overall deployment cost.

Integrated software and hardware solutions

Kneron's solutions include Neural Processing Unit (NPU), a dedicated AI processor, and its  visual recognition software. The  effective integration of hardware and software reduces the size of the total solution while providing excellent performance at ultra-low power. These integrated solutions can help the customers to develop their products more rapidly.



Kneron's solutions support various visual recognition applications on smartphones such as phone unlocking, facial analysis, object and scene recognition. For example, our solution allows a smartphone with a front camera accurately recognize people's facial features and determine whether the face is real or not.

Smart home

The lights, air conditioners, audio equipment, televisions, and the other appliances can be controlled using hand gestures and voice command. The solution allows the air conditioner to recognize the number of people, distance, and then automatically adjust the temperature, air flow and direction.

Smart surveillance

Kneron's solutions make cameras smarter. It can instantly detect multiple faces, verify identities, and recognize dangerous objects, such as knives.  The cameras equipped with Kneron's AI solution can recognize license plates and detect lane lines to improve traffic monitoring and parking management.