Edge AI

Kneron offers innovative edge AI solutions by moving part of the AI computing from the cloud to edge devices, which differentiates itself from traditional cloud-based AI solution providers. Kneron's software and hardware technology enable devices to perform real-time detection, inference, and analysis on-device, without connecting to the cloud.  This results in faster, more reliable and more secure computation, while significantly reducing cost and reliance on the cloud.

Unique reconfigurability

Kneron's Reconfigurable Artificial Neural Network (RANN) technology can dynamically adapt to various computing architectures based on different AI applications.  Unlike common AI models that are restricted to specific applications, Kneron's unique reconfigurability gives it much more flexibility to target different use cases. 

Integrated Software and Hardware Solutions

Kneron's hardware solution includes a dedicated AI processor called the Neural Processing Unit (NPU), specifically designed for the edge.  This NPU integrates seamlessly with Kneron's software solution to maximize power efficiency and computational performance on the edge.  This turn-key solution would be ideal for any customer that are looking to instantly enhance on-device intelligence at a lower cost.


Smart Home | Technology | Kneron - Leading the Way in Edge AI

Smart Home

Kneron's solutions will enable smart home products to be truly intelligent.  Through visual and audio commands, users will be able to control various smart home products without worrying about personal data sent to the cloud.
Smartphones | Technology | Kneron - Leading the Way in Edge AI


Kneron's edge AI solutions support multiple visual recognition applications on smartphones such as facial recognition, facial analysis, object and scene recognition.  By leveraging Kneron's solution, a standard smartphone equipped with a standard front-facing camera would be able to perform precise facial recognition that would normally only work on high-end smartphones with complex sensor modules.
Smart Surveillance | Technology | Kneron - Leading the Way in Edge AI

Smart Surveillance

Kneron's on-device computation will let cameras instantly detect multiple faces, verify identities, and recognize dangerous objects.  This can also be applied to traffic controls such as license plate detection and lane control.