Software Engineer

Job description

A Software Engineer is sought by a company providing custom Deep Learning software for image and video analytics in San Diego, CA to perform the following duties:·
Design neural network structures optimized for mobile and edge hardware.·
Develop and Design Face Recognition Platform including model training for face detection, alignment, and feature extraction.·
 Implement novel deep neural network architectures and learning techniques to solve a variety of computer vision tasks and push the State of Art in performance.·
Build and maintain the infrastructure for training and deploying models, including massive data pipelines, experiment management platform, and visualization tools, etc.·
Integrate model components with the product stack.·
Research and develop State of Art model compression techniques including model distillation, pruning, quantization, model binarization, and others for CNN, RNN, and LSTM models.·
Implement novel deep neural network architectures and develop advanced training algorithms to support model structure training, auto applications, and others.·
Research and optimize model compression techniques for CNN accelerator and jointly optimize hardware architecture for compressed models.·
Develop a deep learning compiler stack that interfaces frameworks such as TensorFlow, CAFFE2, and KERAS, etc.· Convert neural nets (CNN/RNN) into internal representations suitable for optimization.


· Must have a Master’s Degree in Computer or Computational Science.·
Proficient in C, C++/STL, PYTHON, MATLAB, JAVA Programming.·
Knowledge in compute algorithms and data structure.·
Familiar with software development process.
Note: This is a full-time position.


10052 Mesa Ridge Ct., Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92121.