Apr 07, 2020

Davis Chen joins Kneron as VP of Engineering

San Diego, CA - April 7, 2020 - Kneron, a leading provider of edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announced today the recruitment of former Qualcomm Taipei Head of Engineering Davis Chen as the company’s new Vice President of Engineering.
In his 11 year tenure at Qualcomm, Chen won eight Qualcomm Annual Achievement Awards and managed six business units including mobile, IOT/XR, compute, connectivity, auto, and audio. At Kneron, he plans to lead the company’s engineering teams in innovating reconfigurable edge AI solutions aimed at accelerating the adoption of on-device AI in a diverse range of AIoT devices –– from smart doorbells and door locks to IP cameras and smart home devices.

One of his main responsibilities is to build the Edge AI Net, Kneron’s vision of enabling AI embedded devices to share data and communicate with each other to create seamless actions that enhance consumers’ lives.

“Edge AI is a vital catalyst for the future of AI adoption, especially at the consumer level,” shared Chen. “I joined Kneron not only because we are at the forefront of commercializing on-device AI inferencing solutions, but because I believe in the vision of the Edge AI Net. I’m excited to work on realizing that vision and democratizing AI from the cloud to everyday devices.”

Onboarded in March, Chen will work with other decorated managerial staff at Kneron to advance the company’s vision of a democratized AIoT network that enables green technology –– such as energy-efficient smart home devices –– and unlocks the human potential by streamlining daily life activities through the Edge AI Net.

Kneron is unique as a startup as they’ve added quite a few decorated experts onto their leadership team including:
  • Frank Chang (Co-founder): David Sarnoff Award-winning IEEE Fellow; the Wintek Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor at the Electrical Engineering Department of UCLA
  • Daniel Yuan (Chief Architect): formerly Chief Architect of Kingdee Software; named to the "Top 20 People Influencing Software Development in China" by Programmer Magazine
  • Hsiang-Tsun Li (Chief Scientist): previously worked in Qualcomm for 17 years and has obtained over 70 international patents
  • Adrian Ong (Chief Commercial Officer): formerly Qualcomm's Vice President Business Development; spent 25 years at Qualcomm and led global chipset launches from 2G to 5G
Kneron hires Davis Chen, ex-Qualcomm Head of Engineering | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI
Kneron hires Davis Chen, ex-Qualcomm Head of Engineering | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI