Accelerating the Future of Automotives

With our proprietary AI SoCs, Kneron enables safer driving and superior user experience by supporting L0–L2+ vehicle use cases such as people, vehicle, signage, and object detection.
Kneron’s KL6 series AI SoCs support up to 5M pixels at 30 FPS and 120 db wide dynamic range, stellar level illuminance, as well as panoramic fish eye camera hardware correction. Our solutions operate effectively on moving vehicles under complex lighting conditions, including over-exposed and low light scenarios. The KL6 series is capable of performing real-time 360 degree tracking of multiple detection targets with latency of less than 100 milliseconds, assisting safe driving through blind spot detection, collision alert, as well as driver behavior monitoring. For advanced needs, our KL7 series supports 8M pixels at 60 FPS, serving as powerful vision and intelligence organs for vehicles.

As the team continues to innovate automotive solutions with ever higher performance and reliability, Kneron solutions have already commercialized with numerous vehicle suppliers and are ready to serve pre-market ADAS needs.