Apr 01, 2019

Kneron hires Kingdee's Daniel Yuan as Chief Architect

Kneron, the leading provider of edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announced today the recruitment of Daniel Yuan, the former Chief Architect of Kingdee Software as the Chief Architect (CA) of Kneron.

Daniel graduated in 1992, studied in the field of Computer Science and Engineering in Beihang University (BUAA). He was one of the first pioneers in developing enterprise software on Windows platform and also recognized as an expert for Java and JavaEE platform in China.

Daniel joined Kingdee International Software Group (HK0268) in 1994, during his 20+ years tenure at Kingdee, he was serving as Chief Architect of the company. Under his leadership, he and his team developed Kingdee Apusic application server, China's first application server, that passed the JavaEE international certification, and became the representative of the international JCP organization in China. He has made outstanding contribution to the development of Kingdee International Software Group.

In 2004, Programmer magazine selected Daniel as the Top 20 influential individuals in China's software industry. He was the first to develop enterprise software on Windows in China. Lei-Jun from Xiaomi Technology, Allen Zhang from WeChat, and Kai-Fu Lee from Sinovation Ventures were also included in the Top 20 selection.

As Kneron's new Chief Architect, Daniel has now joined the San Diego team, focusing on software and platform development. Daniel stated, "Looking back my 30 years of experience, I really feel that technology is impacting our life everywhere. I believe that in the future an AI chip is going to be in every edge device. I will work with Kneron to create a better tomorrow.”

Kneron's CEO Albert Liu said, "I believe that for an IC company like Kneron, not only the software ecosystem, but also the application to the software ecosystem plays a significant role. With Yuan’s great knowledge and experience, Kneron will upgrade software ecosystem and platform in full, so our chip could also better influence the ecosystem.”

About Kneron
Kneron, established in San Diego in 2015, is a leading provider of edge AI solutions. It is dedicated to the design and development of integrated software and hardware edge AI solutions for the smart home, smart surveillance, smartphones, robots, drones, and IoT devices.

Kneron's investors from the series A round of investments in November 2017 include Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, CDIB, Himax Technologies, Inc, Qualcomm, Thundersoft, Sequoia Capital (and sub fund: Cloudatlas), and CYZONE. On May 31, 2018, Kneron announced the completion of their series A1 financing led by Horizons Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by Ka-shing Li, Horizons. To date, Kneron has received financing of more than US$33 million.

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Kneron hires Kingdee's Daniel Yuan as Chief Architect | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI
Kneron hires Kingdee's Daniel Yuan as Chief Architect | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI