Software Research Engineer (San Diego, CA)

Job description

A Software Research Engineer is sought by a company providing custom Deep Learning software for image and video analytics in San Diego, CA to perform the following duties:· 
Design software architecture to improve software data training and machine learning framework;· 
Examine current state-of-the-art AI systems and investigate new approaches and methods to increase the speed of software solutions;· 
Investigate the quality of database elements/data editing and research new validation methods and procedures;· Investigate systems and software issues affecting company’s research efforts and investigate possible solutions;· 
Examine current research database and explore new ways to modify, test, verify, and analyze category and pre-processing of image data labeling;· 
Prepare research manuscripts and presentations based on the company’s research discoveries;· 
Examine current performance measures and investigate new, more effective methods to evaluate energy efficiency, and time and space complexity of algorithms;· 
Design and conduct tests to troubleshoot and validate software for performance, reliability, and robustness; and· 
Design key performance testing models and procedures to measure the efficiency and accuracy of new and existing software.


· Must have a master’s degree in computer engineering.


10052 Mesa Ridge Ct., Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92121.