SLAM Software Engineer (Sensor Fusion)


  1. Research and develop algorithms for sensor fusion and object association across multi-sensor modalities such as one or more cameras, IMU, radars, and lidar sensors.
  2. SLAM prototyping and vehicle testing
  3. Implement and integrate robotics algorithms into software using C++ and Python
  4. Sensor fusion and software development using IMU, Radar, camera, and Lidar
  5. Participate in brainstorming activities related to SLAM application project(s)
  6. Support software development
  7. Work with large field-testing data to continuously iterate/improve algorithm


  1. Proficient in C/C++, comfortable in Python is a MUST
  2. PhD or Masters student in CS, CE, EE, ME, or similar disciplines
  3. Hands on experience with Linux
  4. Understanding of basic Path Planning & Perception algorithms
  5. Understanding of Kalman filters and particle filters.
  6. One year of experience in robotics software development
  7. Ability to multitask effectively in a dynamic environment
  8. Strong debugging, problem-solving and analytical skills
  9. Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communications skills

  1. Passion for learning new software tools and languages
  2. Robot Operating System (ROS) experience
  3. Expertise in computer vision and machine learning
  4. Experience programming for interfacing between devices, such as analog signal processing and sensor reading via serial ports
  5. Embedded software programing experience with mobile GPU, DSP

The ideal candidate will have a passion for generating new ideas, be a proactive and quick learner, and be able to demonstrate creativity and innovation.


San Diego


If interested, please send your resume to: