Embedded System Developer


Job description
1. Investigate latest NPU, Artificial Intelligence (AI) ASIC chip development or evaluation boards for edge-computation and internet-of-things (IoT) applications.2. Provide survey and overview specifications for different embedded system platforms3. Co-work with RTL design, FPGA/DSP, firmware and compiler team to optimize internal toolchain operations, including compiler, neuron-network model converter, firmware, instruction sets and etc. 4. Perform multiple application-level neural-network models on the edge-computing platform, such as face detection/recognition, gesture detection/recognition, voice recognition, human body/position detection. demonstration etc.5. Develop internal AI ASIC SoC development and evaluation platform for Kneron's NPU 6. Investigate RISC-V CPU hardware implmentation, micro-architecture and instruction set design


Must have
1. Experience of ARM architecture and firmware programming
2. Experience of software and driver development on ARM SoC environment
3. Knowledge of computer architecture and memory system
4. Minimum 3 years industry experience with Master’s Degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering field
5. Ability to work independently with little or no supervision under tight schedules;
6. Ability to quickly learn new technologies
7. Strong communication skills, including verbal, presentation, and documentation Preferred
1. Knowledge of RSIC-V
2. Experience of ARM Cortex M4 development
3. Experience of computer vision and audio signal processing