Senior/Entry-level FPGA/DSP Developer


Job description

1. Develop FPGA implementation of Neural-network Processing Unit (NPU) for functional demonstration, digital front-end design verification and debugging purposes

2. Develop testbench for FPGA NPU hardware, DSP hardware, compiler, and firmware interfaces

3. Design, implement, test, integrate heterogeneous computing sub-subsystems with co-existence environment of NPU accelerator and Digital-Signal-Processor(DSP)

4. Test and verify multiple input data path on FPGA/DSP platform, including video stream input from cameras, and audio stream input from microphones

5. Perform multiple application-level neural-network models on FPGA/DSP platform, such as face detection/recognition, gesture detection/recognition, voice recognition, human body/position detection. demonstration etc.  

6. Co-work with firmware, compiler, and model training team to optimize NPU/DSP hardware performance


Must have
1. Experience of FPGA and Verilog development
2. Experience of Software and driver development on SoC FPGA environment
3. RTL block-level and system-level debugging experience
4. Minimum 3 years industry experience with Master’s Degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering field
5. Ability to work independently with little or no supervision under tight schedules;
6. Ability to quickly learn new technologies
7. Strong communication skills, including verbal, presentation, and documentation

1. Knowledge of ARM architecture and firmware programming
2. Experience of Xilinx Zynq platform;
3. Experience of computer vision and audio signal processing