Job description

As a computer vision algorithm engineer, you will build computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML) library specifically on pre and post process of deep learning solutions. You will develop automation tools to directly deploy deep learning solutions on our AI SoC. Furthermore, you will work with cross functional teams including CV algorithm, HW design and firmware teams to build infrastructure for benchmarking, testing and analysis.
Intern or Full time


  1. M.S. in Computer Science, Machine Learning, Electrical Engineering, Robotics or similar field (Ph.D. is preferred).
  2. Proficient in OpenCV and Pytorch/ONNX/Keras/Tensorflow framework.
  3. Solid programming skills with C/C++ and python.
  4. Having extensive experience in image processing and computer vision, such as geometric transform, feature detection, segmentation, object detection and classification, etc.
  5. Multi-view geometry and SLAM -Simultaneous Localization and Mapping experience is a plus.
  6. Web development experience is a plus.
  7. Ability to quickly adapt to new situations and learn modern technologies.
  8. Effective communication skills, including verbal, presentation, and documentation


10052 Mesa Ridge Court, Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92121


If interested, please send your resume to: