Jan 16, 2020

Kneron's Facial Recognition Survey Pushes the Industry Forward

Edge AI Leader Looks to Raise the Bar for Security

Last December, Kneron tested the strength of facial recognition security solutions deployed at several public transport portals, point of sales terminals, airport security checkpoints, and on mobile devices.

The point of the tests was to see where its own facial recognition security solutions, which passed the tests, stacked among those already in use in public. The alarming results brought public attention to the shortfalls of many solutions that are presently in use by tens of millions of people worldwide.

To conduct the market survey, Kneron utilized 2D and 3D copies of a subject’s face, including infrared (IR) and RGB images, videos, and a 3D face mask to test the ability of public terminals to accurately filter out the facsimiles. For the 3D mask, Kneron commissioned a Japanese specialty mask maker to produce a high-quality 3D face mask for an AI researcher at the company.

While most of the solutions passed the image and video copies, most failed to identify that the 3D mask was not the real person. Using the mask, Kneron’s researchers successfully deceived security checkpoints at a high-speed rail station in China and made purchases via point of sales terminals. Furthermore, they were able to pass through a self-boarding terminal at the Schiphol Airport –– one of Europe’s three busiest airports –– simply using a photo on a phone screen. Using the same methods, the team unlocked at least one popular phone model currently available on the market.

The security systems involved in the survey identify users through facial recognition –– a solution that has become increasingly common in public transportation hubs, payment portals, and mobile devices. Consequently, the results drew public attention to the necessity of developing sound facial recognition solutions that combat potential threats such as terrorism, fraudulent transactions, and identity theft.

Kneron’s ultimate goal is to raise the bar for the facial recognition security industry. As with its work in the Edge AI space, innovating a step or two ahead to push the overall democratization and adoption of on-device AI everywhere appears to be its mission objective.
Kneron's Edge AI & Facial Recognition Survey Pushes Forward Industry | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI
Kneron's Edge AI & Facial Recognition Survey Pushes Forward Industry | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI