Ubiquitous Edge-AI to Connect ALL Things

The accelerated arrival of the intelligent era has led to proactive transformations in numerous industries. Kneron’s proprietary 3D binocular, structured light and ToF face recognition solutions have been applied to various fields with its effectual AI algorithms, helping many enterprises and families to enjoy digitization advantages.

Smart access control

Kneron's face recognition solution empowers smart access control, enabling card-free access at the entrance, improving the experience of entering and exiting, and facilitating management.
Smart access control
  • The recognition time is less than 1 second, and the recognition accuracy exceeds 99.99%.The ultra-low latency brings users with non-disturbing experiences.
  • At the same time, Kneron's face recognition algorithm has passed the most stringent BCTC liveness-detection security certification (enhanced level), as high as the financial-level payment standard, for safe and worry-free transactions.
  • The access control of the Taipei World Trade Center (as demonstrated in the attached diagram by Taipei World Trade Center secured entrance control) adopts Kneron’s industry-leading face-recognition solution for seamless people accessing, which will gradually become the norm for major city building entrances.

Door lock

Based on its proprietary chip designs, Kneron has developed three 3D face recognition solutions: binocular, structured light and ToF, which cover the different needs of the high-end, mid-end and low-end smart door lock markets, and have achieved large-scale commercial production in the door lock market, serving hundreds of thousands of home users.Kneron is one of the few 3D face recognition solution providers in the industry that offers both proprietary algorithms and AI hardware chips, with superb high performance.

Door lock
Kneron’s 3D face recognition solution supports liveness detection and face recognition, and has the following unique features:
  • Adapting to various lighting environments such as night, normal indoor lighting, and outdoor sunlight.
  • Dynamically capturing face information and recognizing accurately (99.99% accuracy rate), and with low latency (within 1s).
  • Attack interception failure rate is less than one thousandth percent), which can prevent all kinds of attacks such as 2D photos and 3D head models.The camera and the main board share a highly integrated module package.

Edge recording devices

The edge AI model and hardware developed by Kneron have the characteristics of high security, fast response, and can support multi-device stacking. It has high energy efficiency and cost advantages, and can be widely used in smart helmets, hunting machines, law enforcement devices, construction site helmets, and other equipment.
Edge recording devices
Characteristics of ISP:
  • Based on Kneron's proprietary high-speed ISP algorithm and six-axis gyroscope, it realizes the image stabilization function and effectively corrects dynamic images.
  • The ISP can capture images of high-speed moving objects without artifacts and chromatic aberration.
  • Support for Clear HDR function and dual-channel HDR processing.