Oct 11, 2021

Kneron And QCT Bring Edge AI To Safe Manufacturing with 5G

  • Kneron is providing its state of the art Edge AI chips to bolster QCT’s 5G-powered manufacturing tech
  • Both KL520 and the latest KL720 chip are being used internally by QCT and nowwill be sold to QCT’s customers
  • Kneron and QCT’s solution increases the safety of the manufacturing process

QCT added Kneron’s chips to QuantaEdge EGT23D-DT, a software-defined universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) that can serve as a 5G router, for a smart factory safety AI solution PoC. Adding Kneron’s AI capabilities to their uCPE that offers 5G connectivity allows inference processing on the uCPE and reduces the information needed to be sent to their edge server, thereby freeing up a lot of capacity and reducing cost.

Previously, one edge server was used to support the streaming of 100 cameras via QCT Enterprise 5G network solution with uCPE acting as a 5G router to monitor factory safety, generating automated alerts, and halting hazardous machinery when detecting people or objects in prohibited zones. Adding Kneron’s AI chips to the uCPEs increased the capacity to support even more cameras with lower latency under the same architecture, reducing basic infrastructure costs to 25% of the original amount.

The success of the partnership means Kneron’s technology will be rolled out across their factory, and the companies have partnered to bring 5G AI-enabled uCPEs powered by Kneron’s edge AI chips to market.

Albert Liu, Founder and CEO of Kneron, says: “There is a huge market for low power, low cost Edge AI - Kneron’s KL520 and KL720 can bring this to many devices, augmenting their capabilities and reducing the cost of operation. QCT’s manufacturing is now a lot safer, and that safety costs significantly less. We’re delighted to work with QCT to bring these solutions to many more companies.”

“QCT envisions digital transformation will sweep almost all industries, especially manufacturing. With Kneron, we first enjoyed their Edge AI chips and technologies in our own factories with faster processing time and reduced cost.” said Mike Yang, President of QCT. “Moving forward, QCT is thrilled to partner with Kneron to provide the top-notch integrated solutions to manufacturing customers for a smart and safe future.”

Kneron And QCT Bring Edge AI To Safe Manufacturing with 5G | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI
Kneron And QCT Bring Edge AI To Safe Manufacturing with 5G | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI