Jan 04, 2019

Kneron to showcase its 3D AI solutions and launch Smart Home AI SoC at CES 2019

The world's most eye-catching technology event CES 2019 will be open in Las Vegas from January 8th to January 11th. Kneron, a leading provider of edge artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will be there, and today announced that it will showcase its latest 3D AI solutions which have mainstream 3D sensing technology support aimed at more accurate image recognition. Kneron also announced that  image recognition software, it will add an AI SoC product line and release the first AI SoC product for smart home applications in the second quarter. Kneron’s cooperation with AAEON was also unveiled for the first time. The two will jointly integrate AI SoC with industrial computers.

Albert Liu, the founder and CEO of Kneron, said, "Kneron is dedicated to applying AI in edge devices. The combination of edge AI with 3D sensing technology solutions enable much better image recognition accuracy and operating security and is expected to bring more new applications to the market. We are also pleased to announce the new AI SoC product line and Kneron’s first SoC which is designed for smart home applications. The new AI SoC will embody Kneron’s product development strategy “Tiny AI” to deliver a small lightweight AI solution with low power consumption.

Kneron unveiled its partnership with AAEON for the first time. Both parties have worked closely together to integrate the AAEON industrial computer with the Kneron image recognition software. The next stage will be the further integration of Kneron AI SoC in applications including smart retail and smart transportation. Howard Lin, CEO of AAEON, said, “AI cannot rely on the cloud alone, and the trend is to combine the cloud and the edge devices for AI computing. Kneron and AAEON both aim at bringing AI to all edge devices. We believe this partnership will bring more choices and more value to our customers.”

Kneron's 3D AI solutions support various 3D sensing technologies, including Structured Light, Stereo Vision, and Time of Flight (ToF). They can recognize human faces, bodies and objects for security surveillance, the smart home, Smartphones, and IoT devices. Combined with 2D image identification and depth information analysis, it not only improves recognition accuracy to eliminate the risk of unlocking by photos and videos, but also more accurately identifies objects, behavior, and the analysis of a collection of 3D images. At CES, Kneron will also showcase an exclusive and cost-effective 3D face recognition solution. This works with a simple entry-level near-infrared (NIR) lens and existing RGB lens without any extra dual-camera calibration, and allows accurate 3D face recognition authentication and 3D modelingon a wide range of edge devices.

In addition, Kneron will launch its AI SoC in Q2 that is suited for door locks, access control systems, smart toys, and other household appliances. The AI SoC comes with an AI processor which can be configured for different neural network models for 2D and 3D images, video, and audio processing.

Kneron @ CES 2019 booth information:
Date: 2019/1/8-2019/1/11
Location: South Plaza Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center
Booth number: #60511

Kneron to showcase its 3D AI solutions and launch Smart Home AI SoC at CES 2019 | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI
Kneron to showcase its 3D AI solutions and launch Smart Home AI SoC at CES 2019 | Kneron – Full Stack Edge AI