Edge GPT Servers

Kneron edge GPT server,privacy and security

Kneo 300

KNEO 300 is specially designed for enterprise GPT applications, and it is an NPU based edge Al server with high performance and low energy consumption. It can be applied in various enterprise GPT scenarios, such as law, administration, finance, manufacturing, etc.

Kneo 300
  • 30Tops Al Computing power, support CNN and Transfomer
  • Customization for enterprises LLM models in various scenarios
  • Industrial-level edge servers, all metal shell, fan heat dissipation
  • Pure offline deployment without risk of data leakage
  • NPU based with lower cost and higher effeciency
  • Multi-modal capability, support text, image, audio etc

Provide both GPT model training services and offline AI server for faster deployment.

In the financial sector, KNEO 300 can help enterprises automate the processing of financial statements, audit reports, and other documents, improving work efficiency and reducing human costs. At the same time, it can also assist enterprises in risk management and regulatory compliance review to ensure the safe operation of their business.

In the manufacturing industry, KNEO 300 can implement real-time Q&A for operating manuals and data analysis, helping companies optimize production processes and improve productivity. In addition, it also supports machine vision and intelligent detection functions, effectively reducing product quality issues to enhance customer satisfaction.

In the legal field, KNEO 300 can assist lawyers in case analysis and legal document writing, improving the quality of legal services. At the same time, it can also help companies and government agencies conduct regulatory policy research and provide professional advice.

In addition to the above fields, KNEO 300 can also be widely used in many industries such as logistics, education, game creation, medical care, helping enterprises achieve digital transformation and promote industrial upgrading.