PC Tools Engineer


1. GUI tool design and implement for mass production at PC side.
    Include flash program, thread analyze, memory dump, log print, user data update, parameters tuning, DFU, etc.
2. Design communication protocol between host and device
3. Design MP tools by different customers' requirement respectively
4. Onsite support if there is any PC tool issue in production line
5. Support GUI configuration tool for FAE/customers
6. Support all PC side application development


1. 2+ years experience on Windows GUI programming
2. 2+ years experience on trouble shooting and problem solving
3. Excellent coding skill in one of the language or environment C/C++/C#/Python/Qt/VS
4. Ability to quickly learn new skills

Preferred Qualifications:
1. Experience on SoC RD/MP tools design
2. Experience on SEGGER Jlink SDK, virtual COM of USB
3. Experience on handling multiple virtual COM ports, USBs, Jlink devices is a plus
4. Experience on SoC mass production testing
5. Interested in Embedded system FW design
6. Be familiar with makefile, armgcc, or Keil/IAR IDE


Taipei, Hsinchu