Embedded Software Engineer (Vision)


  1. Design and optimize application software architectures and frameworks for real-world performance while matching or exceeding customer requirements.
  2. Design and profile efficient mechanisms to improve utilization on computers with multiple heterogeneous hardware engines.
  3. Working on areas such as component abstraction layers, inter-process data sharing and communication, and process scheduling.
  4. Collaborate with hardware, platform, testing, performance and algorithmic teams


  1. MS or higher in computer engineering, computer science or related engineering fields, with 2+ years of experience or equivalent experience
  2. Excellent C and C++ programming skills
  3. Strong scripting skill with Python
  4. Experience designing, developing and debugging multithreaded/distributed applications like multimedia systems, game engines, etc.
  5. Solid understanding on QNX, Linux, Android, and/or other real-time operating systems.
  6. Thrive on designing low latency, highly performant code
  7. Excellent communication and analytical skills.
  8. Self-motivated and a great teammate

  1. Understanding of embedded and high efficiency software architectures
  2. Experience with large frameworks like used in ROS, android etc.
  3. Experience on developing software in heterogeneous architectures, including GPUs and other types of accelerators.
  4. Be hands-on and work well within a team of algorithm, software and hardware engineers, with a significant level of detail orientation and a penchant for data organization and presentation
  5. Knowledge of automotive systems, notably ADAS or SLAM systems
  6. Embedded software programing experience with mobile GPU, DSP

The ideal candidate will have a passion for generating new ideas, be a proactive and quick learner, and be able to demonstrate creativity and innovation.


San Diego


If interested, please send your resume to:  career@kneron.us