Senior System/DSP Algorithm Architect


We are looking for experienced system architect who can design algorithms for the whole system and product, optimize algorithm and system design with realist constraints, define system specification for Hardware and ASIC, define fixed point specification for algorithm and hardware.
1.Investigate AI and deep learning algorithms and extract the computation and logic operations for hardware implementation.
2.Define fixed point specification for hardware implementation while balancing the hardware cost and algorithm performance.
3.Work together with hardware team and software team to define the hardware architecture for the chip and for the accelerator core.
4.Work together with hardware team and algorithm team to define the system specification for the accelerator core including fixed point specifications.  
5.Improve AI and deep learning algorithms considering fixed point process and hardware implementation.
6.Develop a C/C++ based system simulator to model the behavior of the accelerator core. The system simulator and the hardware implementation should achieve bit true match.
7.Drive the system level bit true match for hardware verification and provide test vectors.
8.Drive system level chip debug and isolate the bug location.
9.Drive technical debug and resolution of issues encountered at the complete system level. Propose creative workarounds and implement solutions to complex problems.
10.Effectively present technical information to teams of engineers. Educate Field Application Engineers (FAEs) on new product features and operation
11.Work with the Technical Publications group on engineering notes, data sheets, and architectural manuals


  1. 1.Minimum 5 years industry experience with master’s degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering field or minimum 7 years industry experience with Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering
    2.Industry experience on fixed point algorithm design and system specification design such as digital communication systems are desired.
    3.Strong math skills and problem solving skills.
    4.Industry experience on SoC level system specification design such as software/hardware partition is preferred.
    5.Experience developing/debugging C/C++ based code is a must.
    6.Practical experience in system level debug
    7.Excellent problem solving skills
    8.Ability to work independently with little or no supervision under tight schedules
    9.Ability to quickly learn new technologies
    10.Strong communication skills, including verbal, presentation, and documentation
    11.Excellent teamwork skills


Taipei/Hsinchu/USA_San Diego/Shenzhen/Zhuhai


If interested, please send your resume to: /