Algorithm Development Intern (Deep Learning)


  1. You will be responsible for deployment of real world deep learning solutions while building Computer Vision, Speech, Machine Learning, and Robotics
  2. Analyzing and understanding the STOA deep neural network structure and optimizing the algorithm on various Kneron platform
  3. Driveend to end data collection/annotation, model training and model evaluation
  4. Improving model accuracy by understanding failures, finding redundancies in data and staying on top of the latest in model architectures and training algorithms.


  1. MS or PhD in Computer Science/Engineering
  2. Strong background in at least one of area of machine learning, such asgenerative models (GANs, VAE, etc.), segmentation, object detection, human tracking
  3. Strong programming skills in Python
  4. Experience working with modern deep learning frameworks including OpenMMLab, Keras, Tensorflow, PyTorch, MXNet
  5. Experience with improving efficiency of AI algorithms for deployment
  6. Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communications skills

The ideal candidate will have a passion for generating new ideas, be a proactive and quick learner, and be able to demonstrate creativity and innovation.


10052 Mesa Ridge Court, Suite 101 San Diego, CA 92121


If interested, please send your resume with [FPGA/DSP Developer] in the subject to